InJoy: Week 4 (back from hiatus)


From the Archives: 2007

Scribble man

Courtney Love doodle

Stone Silhouette

Threadless Slogans

Im going to be posting slogans on Threadless regularly in hopes of winning $500! Please vote for my hilarious, punny observations šŸ™‚


Taking inspiration from the natural form and coloursĀ in theĀ beak and feathers of these cute little birds, this is the start to a new pattern and bird series.

From the ‘Archives’ 2007

Dallas Green, James Franco and my minds eye. This is where my 18 year old selfs mind was. My 22 year old self still enjoys these things.

Editorial Illustrations

* I am aware the image quality is less than perfect, they are quite large and impossible to scan. I hope to use these as preliminary sketches to a series of more refined illustrations.